At Custom Green, we can tailor our services to meet your design and building needs. Whether you would like assistance with selecting a site, developing a design, or you already have approved construction drawings and just need a builder who ‘gets’ sustainability, we can add insight and guide your build in the right direction.

Location & Site Selection

Factors we consider include public transport, amenities, streetscape, neighbourhoods and the local community. We then focus on site orientation, slope and how local weather conditions will come into play. Council and developer restrictions, privacy and noise are other influencing factors.

Custom Design

Once you have a site, we look at designing your home and to best utilise the site’s potential. Consideration is given to natural light, passive solar performance , energy efficiency and low allergen designs. We also consider the adaptability of the design to change with the different stages of your life.


Having a builder who understands sustainability is a major advantage. We have diverse sustainable building experience and extensive networks with environmentally friendly material suppliers. Our build process is fast and efficient with low waste and minimised environmental impacts.

Finishing Touches

A design is not complete without the final touches. Landscaping, lighting selections and even the colour of your walls and floors can have an influence on your home’s sustainability rating. With all this in mind, we help select finishes that enhance your home’s sustainable living potential.

Green Architecture and Building Design Perth
Kersey Street Sustainable Home Design Perth

Key home design elements we consider

  • Passive Solar Design
  • Energy Efficiency / Active Solar
  • Low Allergen Design / Low VOCs
  • Universal Access / Adaptability
  • Water Efficiency
  • Renewable / Recyclability
  • Source local
  • Life cycle Assessment / Embodied Energy
  • Thermal Mass / Night Purging
  • Insulation / Protection
  • Glazing
  • Spatial Functionality, Relationship between living spaces
  • Durability for Climate Change
  • Sustainability Targets (Star Rating, Low Carbon, Low Energy, LED)
  • Biomimicry

Design Only

If you don’t want to sign up for a full design and build package at the get go, we also offer a standalone design service.

We work closely with each client taking into account their unique requirements and their building site attributes. We bring a host of experience and ideas from past projects; however, we believe that no two clients or sites are identical and as such we do not limit our designs to a set of standard layouts.

At Custom Green we achieve elegant, low impact solutions through good design which employs passive strategies. These strategies make the most of free energy sources such as solar and wind. By harnessing the wind and sun and their relationship to the built form, homes can be warm in winter, cool in summer; a wonderfully comfortable home all year round. When designed and constructed properly to make the most of local weather conditions, a house may not need artificial heating or cooling at all.

Build Only

Already have a design and just need a builder who understands sustainability? We have diverse building experience and extensive networks with various environmentally friendly material suppliers. Our build process is fast and efficient with low waste and minimised environmental impacts.

We excel in unconventional building projects and welcome designs which rely on alternative materials or processes.

We pride ourselves on our personalised approach and high quality finishes. Because we specialise in custom designed homes we offer a high level of flexibility throughout the project.

Plan Assessment

At Custom Green we offer a plan assessment service for your already existing plans. This services is made available so that you can take advantage of our knowledge to maximise the comfort and performance of your future home. This service goes beyond the energy rating software programs currently available when it comes to providing you with an energy efficient, comfortable home throughout the year.

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