Orange Valley Road


This single storey, passive solar home to a family of 6 was designed to sit in the middle of a family sized lot, surrounded by family members on the adjoining lots. The home was designed on a tight budget in a simple barn style with insulated double brickwork on a lightly polished concrete slab, making the home low allergen. The thermal mass assists with minimising temperature fluctuations throughout the year as well as the through day and night. Being located in Kalamunda and site at a low altitude, in a “bowl” like scenario, the home will experience cold night in winter with frost conditions so the southern end openings are all double glazed and all openings throughout the home fitted with ample internal protection in the form of double drapes. Parts of the home has been designed and built to house a person in a wheelchair- making for independent living. The whole of the home is fed by a rainwater tank and effluence is dealt with through an ATU (Aerated Treatment Unit). This home reached 8.6 stars in the energy assessment.