Interview with Carl Hornsby

Interview with Carl Hornsby

20160915_151030-1“Carl, you predominantly work for Custom Green’s sister company Customised Projects. Can you tell me a bit about your role?” – I am the General Contract Administrator. My duties include liaising with clients, contractors, procurement, project accounts. On a daily basis I am the link between site and the office answering any queries that might arise.


“What is your favourite part about working in the customised building sphere?”  I enjoy working with my colleagues who together make the office a great working environment. The diversity of work creates a lot of learning experiences and it is good to be part of a growing business that is evolving to meet the challenges.


“How did you get into the construction industry? What is your background prior to working with Craig and the Custom team” Started labouring on site when I was 17 in UK then moved onto installing double glazing for a few years. Later I started as a CA for a Consulting Engineering company which included an element of project management, space planning and managing office fit outs. When I moved to Australia in 2007 I started working as a CA and was involved in the construction of 5 or 6 schools and the Wembley Golf Complex driving range. Then moved to Customised Projects.

“What do you think about sustainable homes, particularly in Perth?” I think it’s still very early in it’s development and public awareness. Everyone building a house should be incorporating elements of sustainability into their homes now because in 10 or 20 years when they want to sell up buyer’s awareness would have moved on and will expecting it.


“If you had to give one piece of advice to someone about to embark on designing and building a new home, what would it be?” Plenty of research and know what finishes you want at the beginning of the process, these can then be incorporated in to the first price, try to minimise changes and variations. This could save weeks leading to a quicker build time from signing contracts.