CG movie review: Before the Flood

CG movie review: Before the Flood

before-the-flood2If you haven’t seen DiCaprio’s new documentary on Climate Change, Before the Flood, we recommend taking the time to see it. For those of you who are already knowledgeable in the area, the information provided will not be new or surprising. However, the interviews with various politicians, experts, and public figures are nonetheless very interesting.

For those of you who haven’t quite got your heads around the details of what climate change means to us all, and the urgency of the situation, the movie provides an easy to digest overview and seems to give most watchers a sense of renewed motivation!

DiCaprio gives some suggestions about some easy actions you can make to lessen your day to day impacts – some good options to add to any new years resolutions you plan to make! To add to this, here are three of the most substantial ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint:

  1. Consider who you are funding! Is your Super Account a Fossil Free account? If not, consider switching to Australian Ethical or Future Super. Opt in for a higher percentage of renewable electricity from your power provider.
  2. Reduce your spending! Do you really need ANOTHER pair of jeans? Could your current microwave last a few more years even if there is a better model out there. Can you give your kids experiences (such as tickets to a sports event or a surfing lesson) for Christmas rather than more stuff?!
  3. Eat less meat! Yes – annoying we know. But seriously – it makes a difference. Even doing “meat free Mondays” or “no meat March” is a great start! And if you just can’t consider a meal without meat, try to eat smaller portions and lower impact meats – as a general rule of thumb, the smaller the animal, the less the impacts are – so eat chicken or pork rather than beef.

It’s a step by step journey for all of us. This year I became a “Flexi-Pesci-Tarian” (which means I still eat fish but not other meat, but am a bit flexible in some situations – for example when my kids don’t finish their “dinosaur carbonara” I gobble up the leftovers bacon and all). One of my resolutions for 2017 is to tighten my regulations and only eat fish that is MSC or ASC certified (sustainably caught and sustainably farmed fish).

If you decide to make some sustainable resolutions this year we would love to hear about them! Drop us a note on our facebook page or in the comments below!