Carbon Positive Homes

Carbon Positive Homes

How can a pre-fab with no air-conditioning or heating be a great environment to live in?

Quite often we think of pre fabricated homes as those that only FIFO’s are made to live in and are somehow an inferior product to our standard double brick constructions.  But what if your prefabricated home was so sophisticated that it only required a minimum or even no input from artificial cooling and heating? Even better, imagine a home that produces enough energy to not only require no air-conditioning but also enough energy to sell back to the grid making it a carbon positive home.  Carbon positive homes can make significant contributions to our world by helping to reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere from human activities.  At grass roots level why wouldn’t we want a home that helps the environment to produce less carbon and lower our utility bills helping our hip pockets.


Architects in Melbourne (ArchiBlox)  have designed a carbon positive single storey building which uses passive solar principles to minimise a carbon footprint.  Being carbon positive means that the building produces more energy than it needs to run. This is not necessarily from just using solar panels or recycling water, but from simple ideas such as orientating your building in the right direction, providing efficient ventilation with the correct placement of windows and using a great building fabric like insulated pre fabricated panels that help to maintain ideal temperatures.


Image from: “A self sufficient house” ArchiBlox


for  a link to an ArchiBlox’s  prefabricated project which is a great example of a carbon positive home.

Carbon positive sustainable homes can be beautiful too. Using building materials that are sustainable and design inspired, not just for the architecturally elite but for every home owner.  Everyone should be able to afford and enjoy an architecturally designed home that’s beautiful, good for the environment and great for the people who live in it.